Bundle Explained

Welcome to your monthly subscription of DIY social content, the freebie edition.

You have to post on your socials right, because creating predictable revenue means being consistent on social media. But, creating social media content can be so time consuming or costly if outsourcing.

These content bundles are your solution! Enjoy 27 posts per month that are completely editable in Canva to be tailored to your business! With your monthly subscription, you’ll have access to a new batch of content ready for you to design for your social profiles!

It’s super easy to edit the content. Access the template link and use within your Canva account (don’t worry, I’ve got a lesson on Canva next for you).

Your content has been created in a grid of 9 posts so you can see what the whole picture looks like together (should you enjoy a stylized IG feed). You will have 3 of these grids, allowing each grid to take on a theme of its own.

Here’s an example of content in grid format for a Brazilian wax studio. The first grid focuses on eyebrows and expressions. The next, Brazilian wax, and the last, other body parts where one could wax.

Eyebrows & Expressions
Brazilian Wax
Body Areas for Waxing

You may be asking, well, what if I want text boxes or to alternate images and quotes. In Canva, you can make all these changes! Change transparency, add text, add graphic elements, etc. If you don’t like where things are placed, no worries! The grid will be cut and you can post them in the order you like.

Speaking of cutting the grid, explore the lesson on how to make this grid into 9 individual posts. Simply upload the grid you have downloaded from Canva and follow our instructions. You’ll have your custom content ready to post in no time.

Enjoy a variety of niches and purchase the theme that compliments your business model and niche. But first, enjoy these bundles for FREE!