Your images are created with Instagram dimensions.  They will work well with Facebook also.  Your images are to be viewed as if you were viewing your Instagram feed, from the bottom (the very last grid) to the top (the grid right under the stop sign), and from right to left.  

If you want to make more “9 square grids”, go to the grid you like and clone it (there is a little clone button to the right above the grid you are viewing).  You can also move each grid up and down to change their order.

Once you are happy with your images, click the “Download” button in the menu bar, choose JPG and 100% quality.

*Make sure the spacing is at zero on your Canva grid before downloading so no grid lines will show when splicing your grid.

Tip:  The free account will let you create up to three folders.  I like to make a MASTER FILES folder and move all of my originals and templates into it.  This makes them easier to find and won’t blend into the home page of all of your edited designs.

Cut your grid online via

  • Upload your picture to Pinetools Image Splitter
  • Split the image by grid.
  • Choose your output format.
  • Split Vertically and Horizontally by equal height of block, or enter custom dimension, and input your block quantity (of 3).
  • Press Split Image.
  • Your images will be created for you to download to your desktop.

Download each individual post and save on your desktop. Now they are ready to be uploaded to your planner.

How to load to Instagram:

Make sure you upload the files starting with the last one (row-3-col-3.jpg) and ending with the first one (row-1-col-1.jpg).